Track is Back

Track has started up again this year.  It is a new program from our coordinators Linda and Joe who tailor the training to each runner.  Come on out and work on that pace.  Training takes place at the new Kiwanis track at Georgetown District High School (70 Guelph Street) every Tuesday at 7:00 pm until October.  Hope to see you there.

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… and now for the results!

John’s team: 5th place! 13:44:58
Marielle’s team: 24th place! 20:42:08
Duncan’s team: 25th place! 21:55:15

Thanks Joe for organising such a great club event!

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Sulphur Springs Run – Our Relay Teams

Here is a list of the teams for Sulphur Springs 100 Mile relay run (May 25, 2013) .  The numbers do not represent the order of running, that will be decided shortly with input from the runners involved.  We will still need some back up runners.

Team # 1
1)   Duncan Mounsey
2)   Laura Weihs
3)   Cheryl Strachan
4)   Bob Parker
5)   Meg Hughes
6)   Steve Blake
7)   Wally Fenske
8)   Fraser Hanson

Team # 2
1)   John Grace
2)   Jim Clarke
3)   Helmut Reinhardt
4)   Jim Baidacoff
5)   Kirsten Cooper
6)   Cam Mahon
7)   Jeff Daley
8)   Brad Mailloux

Team # 3
1)   Marielle Uliana
2)   Mauro Uliana
3)   Anne Wilford
4)   Adrian Beer
5)   Linda Kirk
6)   Heimen Donker
7)   Liz Taberer
8)   Kim Taberer

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Booty Call!

Hello Friends,

If the words “nice butt” are written on your journals of history, then maybe it’s time you became a stairmaster!

Joe & friends have organized a stair climbing evening every Tuesday at The Sands condo. Especially important for anyone on the Sulphur Springs relay team!

Meet up at 7 pm (front entrance) where Joe will let you into the building. Don’t be late: he’ll only wait till 7:10!  A brief warm-up run/jog/walk recommended.

Wrinkles may add character, but dimples are for oranges.

Catherine Brazeau
Member Communication
Georgetown Runners
Fitness, encouragement and camaraderie since 1983.

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The President’s Welcome to the G’town Runners 2012

The loneliness of the long distance runner is a myth that is generally malicious and unfounded. Joining a running club is an idea that is too often rejected based in part on this myth and in part on the idea that ‘the whole business will hurt too much’. True improvement will, at times, require desperate determination, but the effort also makes one grateful to every sense. Whether a novice runner wincing at the thought of trundling around the block, or an experienced runner who would like to improve, the community of a club will help.

This club has a history reaching back to 1983 when it was formed in response to the need for a local running track. Since then it has contributed to helping hundreds of runners meet their personal goals – John competing in triathlons at the international level, Joe flying through 500 marathons, Kirsten training for her first Ironman and Sandra training for her first half. The obvious point is that with focus , encouragement and support you too will soon be adding your piece to our collective living history.

To consolidate your running success the club offers Sunday runs in the hills of Halton and Tuesday track directed by Jim at the high school. From this association groups of members enter races both internationally grand and rewardingly local. Boston, Around The Bay and, Spring into Motion await.

The annual climax for the G’town Runners season, however, is our own 10K plus race, the December Egg Nog Jog ably directed this year by Duncan and Mauro. Here you can complete all your childhood dreams by becoming a volunteer parking attendant , an emcee or even a rock star! Each year the effort of the club and other volunteers has allowed us to donate in excess of $5000 to local charities.

So, welcome again to running with us. May the road in front of you be smooth and may you be eager for the hopeful promise of the day.

Yours in friendship,

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Monthly Executive Meetings

When First Wednesday each Month
Time 7:00 p.m.
Where *Location rotates each month
Executive Contact

*Please contact the executive should you wish to attend.

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Who We Are

The Georgetown Runners (GR) are a group of local runners in Georgetown, Ontario, CANADA who meet at Atlantis Athletics Family Fitness at Guelph Street and Mountainview at 8 AM Sunday mornings. Various groups run different distances for runs lasting 45-90 minutes. We all meet afterwards for coffee and snacks at LaVita Cafe. We also meet Thursday evenings at 7:00 at the Gellert Centre 10241 Eighth Line (Argyle Street and 8th Line). In the summer, we host track training Tuesday nights 7:00 pm at Georgetown District High School. Smaller groups meet at other times and locations during the week for social or training runs. ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US AT ANY TIME.


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4th Line Route

View map here:

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3.4 Km run from the Gellert

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Mill Pond Route – 11.2km

This is run from the Gellert Centre.

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